Which dll contains IWeb?

Apr 18, 2009 at 6:44 PM

First, thank you for your time.

I am attempting to extend IWeb. I have created a new folder underneath App_Code\IWeb\ called OMS. Within OMS I have numerous other folders each defining a new namesapce and containing 4 files:
1) DataProvider.vb, 2) SqlDataProvider.vb, 3) xxxInfo.vb and 4) xxxController.vb.  In addition I have also created a new file called IOmsWebServices.vb and placed that within the folder called IWebMethods. The body of each web method creates the necessary controller and then calls the appropriate method.

On my local machine and in debug mode, everything works perfectly. I can successfully invoke the webmethod, the webmethod then transfers control to the appropriate controller, the controller does its thing and returns the correct result. 

Now it's time to test this out on the webhost.  So, I need to compile and transfer the dll(s) to the webhost.  After compiling however, I am expecting to see a file called, bin\DotNetNuke.Modules.IWeb.WebService.dll, but it's not there. Is that the correct name of the dll?  Which dll contains my web services, the namespace, controllers, etc?

I believe I have followed all the instructions correctly, but obviously I have missed something.

Again, thank you for your time,
Michael Carr

Apr 19, 2009 at 5:09 AM
With IWeb you do not compile it. To move move the code to production simply follow these directions:
Creating a module package